Get Active Harrow

Looking to try something new in Harrow? Want to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle?

Harrow has a wide range of activities to help kick start a healthy lifestyle. These include Outdoor Gyms, Harrow Health Walks and various other activities inside and outside of sports clubs. 








Young People - Under 18's Activities

Find out more about the different activity offers in Harrow for under 18 year olds.

Adult Activities 18+

Click on the link to check out the different activities available for over 18's in Harrow.



Adult Activities 50+

Female Only Activities

Check out all the female only activities on offer in Harrow.


Outdoor Activities

Search here for Healthy Walks, Outdoor Gyms and other alternative activities. 


Disability Activities

Harrow Community Sport and Physical Activity Network (CSPAN)

Find out more about sport in your community.


Harrow's 'Funding Individual Talent' Grant

See what individual grants are available. 


Find Your Nearest Sports Club

Search for your nearest sports club by activity choice. 


Local Leisure Centres


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